"Dear Vaughn" #IdleNoMore

by Sacramento Knoxx

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    The Goal of the movement is education and the revitalization of Indigenous peoples through Awareness and Empowerment. IDLE NO MORE has successfully encouraged knowledge sharing of Indigenous Sovereignty and Environmental Protections.



Dear family, friends, & lovers,

In response to what is developing around the world and within all of us, I poetically write a letter to my estranged father describing the current situation we are in with as well as the #IdleNoMore movement.


Idle No More World Day of Action - January 28, 2013

Idle No More grassroots Founders and Organizers from across Canada, in Solidarity with Common Causes - a new initiative bringing together social justice, environmental, labour and other Activist Groups…

- UNITED we are planning IDLE NO MORE WORLD DAY OF ACTION on January 28th, 2013 #J28.

This day of action will peacefully protest attacks on Democracy, Indigenous Sovereignty, Human Rights and Environmental Protections when Canadian MPs return to the House of Commons on January 28th. As a grassroots movement, clearly no political organization speaks for Idle No More. This movement is of the people… For The People


"And you know what?"
"Your great great great grandchildren will do the same thing."
***crowd cheering***
"were gonna be indian, and that's how we are"
"that's why we're here"



Dear Vaughn, Aka my pops
shit is gettin' hectic all around my spot.
Prophecies, you know that end of the world shit?
Swirling through a unparalleled earth shift.

A bunch of circles ciphering up and round danced.
This winter solstice cycle proves that pain will pass.
So I'ma ask.
Does this connection we have, reflect the 6th & 7th fire of a memory gland?

Chief Spence RAIZed,
Over cheap tricks, from politics, to leadership.
We looking at the current situation that we in.
And not a moments distance eye vision from within.
A woman's drum beat heard loud around the earth.

A love bomb emerged,
back from NYC, a 7th fire just burns.
A new cycle, new balance, a new tire skirts.
Down the road of reservations, teachings get learned!

Its here.
The end of the world just happened
The healing after the damage
The hugs after uncle Sam kid nap 'em
The hugs after a rapist just had 'em
The same love that dissipates all of them hateful actions.

Dear Vaughn, aka my pops
Shit is still hectic all around my spot
That white supremacy got us lookin' like the enemy,
I plot!
and blast heat wave of energy

Stanky individuals, clouded up residuals
Them same cats that boxed us up and wants us all invisible
Idle no more, idle no more
We went from i don't know...
To we want more!

But with!

Less destruction
More creation
Less hopelessness in these times that we facing.
More healing in a land of occupation.
More love between pyramid schemes, they racing!

Big old red fist in the face of an oppressor.
On top of a dresser a 7th generation flexes.
You either with or against the wind.
I gather words to dodge the loses and collect the wins.



Clouds of smoke from a smudge bowl.
Prayers get sang up, told.
Stories from lessons addressed as old.
Package as a poem.
Stylin' on em so you know its mold is cold.


And why is brown people showin' up on time!?!?!

Thank You!

"Yes, I will stay here until my last breath, if it takes that long..."

All My Relations.


released January 25, 2013
Beat produced by J Dilla

Lyrics & performance by:
Christopher "Sacramento Knoxx" Yepez

Recorded & Mixed by Irving "info" Guadiana
Deathstar Studios
email: ds_info_411@yahoo.com

GFX design by
Eddi "DPress" Gonzalez




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